Why We Delayed Our Honeymoon

I always thought that if I ever got married, we would go straight from the reception to the honeymoon.  I blame Hollywood for this (and countless other things!) because basically every wedding scene ends with the bride and groom running out of the reception so they can hop on a plane to somewhere exotic.

Then I got engaged and started planning a wedding and was like, um no.

So, eight months almost to the day since Marc and […]

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Wedding Roundup: Planning a Destination Wedding Q&A

When Marc and I first started dating it was pretty early on that we began talking about getting married, but in the abstract.  Like, if you ever got married what type of wedding would it be?  It didn’t take long to realize both of us wanted the exact same thing.

A destination wedding.

Why?  Because typically, holding your wedding at a spot that requires everyone to travel often means the event will be much smaller and more intimate.  […]

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Wedding Roundup: The Venue and Decor

Planning a destination wedding comes with its share of stress, especially if you have never actually seen the venue.  Thankfully, Marc and I toured our resort, Finest Playa Mujeres, over a year before our Big Day, which made the planning process easier.

Kind of.

Yeah, I was still pretty stressed out!  I actually had no idea how stressed out until after the wedding when this huge weight was lifted from my shoulders.  Who knew I had been carrying […]

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Wedding Roundup: The Dress

This post is in partnership with The White Gown but the opinions are all my own.

Sometimes in life you just know.  It wasn’t long after meeting Marc that I knew he was The One.  Even before we began dating I knew I would get married on a beach.  And all along I knew my brother would perform the ceremony.

But when it came to my wedding dress it turns out I had no idea.

Oh, I thought […]

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Wedding Roundup: My Mexico Evening Looks

Oh, what a night!  Or, rather, six of them.  Our actual wedding may have been the reason for our week in Mexico, but every single evening was truly wonderful!  Even three weeks later our hearts are still so full from all of the love and support we received from some of our favorite people on the planet.

Oh, but what about the clothes, you ask?  My heart was pretty full with those, too.  As was my suitcase(s). […]

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Wedding Roundup: My Mexico Beach Looks

It was three weeks ago today we arrived in Mexico for our wedding week.  Seriously, how does time fly by this quickly??  It feels like I was just worrying about whether or not I had enough swimsuits.  Was eight enough for a seven-day, six-night stay?  Spoiler: It was more than enough.  Who knew?

Once we arrived in Playa Mujeres we spent most of our days either poolside or at the beach.  So, swimsuits and coverups were the […]

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