My Therapy Story

Last year on World Mental Health Day I posted on Instagram an honest look into my experience with therapy and depression.  The responses were mostly positive with some even sharing their own personal stories as well.  But there were also a handful of well-meaning responses that were not so helpful.

I don’t think you need a therapist… I could pray for you. As far as I’m concerned you’re okay.  I’m just trying to boost your confidence.

Please don’t […]

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Why Does Fashion Matter?

I have to admit, telling people what I do for a living these days can feel a bit awkward.  I used to have it super easy.  I was a TV sports anchor and reporter.  Done, end of story.  And people usually thought it sounded pretty cool, so bonus!

But now, it’s not quite so straight forward.  I’m a content creator with a fashion and lifestyle blog.  Yet, I’m constantly evolving (like right now!) and trying to determine […]

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One Plaid Blazer, Three Different Ways

One of the biggest fashion traps I’ve fallen into is buying a piece I only wear once.  Yes, that one look might seem totally amazing at the time, but was it really worth the money?  Sometimes the answer is yes (for a special occasion or out of necessity), but more often than not it just makes no sense.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, a huge fall trend this season is the plaid blazer.  Of course, it’s […]

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Top Picks From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It’s finally here!  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale begins today for card holders only.  And it’s totally okay to admit that you didn’t sleep well last night in anticipation!

From today until July 19th the sale is only open to Nordstrom card holders.  Don’t have a card?  Get one here.  On July 20th the sale opens to the general public and lasts until August 5th, but these items tend to sell out quickly.

I […]

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The Affordable Little Black Dress

There is a difference between affordable and cheap.  Sure, an item can be both, but one doesn’t necessarily go along with the other.

There are two ways of looking at something that is cheap: the price and the quality.  And often if you are going for a cheap price you get a cheap quality.  But not always!  That’s why, especially right now, I am always on the lookout for affordable (not cheap) items to add to my […]

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Wedding Roundup: My Mexico Beach Looks

It was three weeks ago today we arrived in Mexico for our wedding week.  Seriously, how does time fly by this quickly??  It feels like I was just worrying about whether or not I had enough swimsuits.  Was eight enough for a seven-day, six-night stay?  Spoiler: It was more than enough.  Who knew?

Once we arrived in Playa Mujeres we spent most of our days either poolside or at the beach.  So, swimsuits and coverups were the […]

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