Our Week Across the Pond & What I Wore

Our whirlwind family tour is complete!  Three weeks ago, Marc and I were in Minnesota with my family and last week it was his family’s turn.  2018 has been wonderful for us because with the wedding in May, summer visits, and upcoming holiday trips, we are seeing both of our families so much more than usual.  And we love it!

Every visit has a bit more meaning now.  After the wedding both Marc’s and my dad were […]

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A Week In Minnesota: What I Wore and The Kids Question

Last week I went home to Minnesota to visit my family and the timing couldn’t have been better.  My brother and his family had already planned to visit months ago, and I opted in as well, so I could see all of them in the same place.  Then a few weeks prior to the visit my dad was diagnosed with cancer, making the family time that much more important.

It turned into one crazy week!  From trying […]

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Gingham Style in Notting Hill

I want to start off by thanking all of you for reading my first Love Lessons post, leaving comments, and sending so many great messages!  I had a feeling many of you would be able to relate, but I had no idea how many.  It’s a great reminder that we all have much more in common than we may think.

I’m so excited to continue the series and to hear your thoughts and reactions along the way.  […]

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The Affordable Little Black Dress

There is a difference between affordable and cheap.  Sure, an item can be both, but one doesn’t necessarily go along with the other.

There are two ways of looking at something that is cheap: the price and the quality.  And often if you are going for a cheap price you get a cheap quality.  But not always!  That’s why, especially right now, I am always on the lookout for affordable (not cheap) items to add to my […]

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Seeing Yellow in London

Happy Monday, everyone!  I’m kicking this week off with my favorite color of the season, yellow.  If you’ve followed along on First and Trend, this should come as no surprise thanks to The Happy Dress from a couple of months back.

Yellow just makes me smile!  Another thing that makes me smile?  The fact that it was actually sunny while we were in England last week!  That made it appropriate to wear a yellow ruffled tank […]

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A Weekend In The English Countryside

One of the perks of being married to an Englishman is that we get to take lots of trips to England!  Prior to meeting Marc three years ago I had only been to the UK once.  Since meeting Marc three years ago we have made four trips across the pond.

As soon as Marc found out he would need to be in London for two weeks for work this month we knew we could turn part of […]

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