Mexico Diary

Last week Marc and I celebrated our one-year anniversary back where our marriage began, in Mexico on the shores of Playa Mujeres.  Our wedding was at Finest Playa Mujeres but for our anniversary we chose to stay just down the beach at the sister resort Beloved.  Beloved is a smaller boutique adults-only experience and it was our second time staying at this resort.

Clearly, we have a special place in our hearts for Playa Mujeres!

It was just […]

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Maldives Diary: Seven Things To Consider When Planning A Trip To The Maldives

Ever since I saw a picture of a gorgeous villa perched over the bluest water, I knew I had to go to the Maldives one day.  I’m not saying Marc and I got married just so we could have the most amazing honeymoon in the most beautiful place, but I’m also not not saying that…

Kidding, of course! Or am I?

Okay, moving along, both Marc and I knew the Maldives would be our honeymoon destination since long […]

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36 Hours In Dubai

Initially I didn’t envision my honeymoon including Dubai.  But it turns out that one of the most common ways to get to the Maldives from New York City is through Dubai.  And if we were going to be in that part of the world, well then, we might as well take a couple extra days to see as much of it as possible.

Thus, our 36-hour Dubai spectacular was born.

Obviously, the main event for our honeymoon was […]

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Maldives Diary: My Beach Looks

Often one of the biggest discrepancies between men’s and women’s closets tends to be the number of shoes they own.  But since Marc has actually purchased quite a few new pairs of footwear since we met, that isn’t the biggest indicator of our differing fashion priorities.

No, for us that would be swimwear.

As we packed for our seven-day trip to the Maldives I watched as he stuffed two (that’s 2) pairs of swim trunks in his suitcase.  […]

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Maldives Diary: My Evening Looks

It’s been over a week since we returned from our honeymoon in the Maldives and with each passing day I wonder more if it was all a dream.  Seriously, this was the most amazing vacation of my life and I still can’t believe it actually happened!

It was really the perfect storm of perfection: our honeymoon, in one of the most beautiful places you can imagine, somewhere neither Marc or I had been before, and coming off […]

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Currently Coveting: Tropical Getaway (AKA Our Honeymoon!)

1. Beach Coverup | 2. Swimsuit | 3. Sandals | 4. Wave Spray | 5. Dress/Coverup | 6. Floppy Sun Hat | 7. Sunscreen Set | 8. Beach Pants | 9. Clutch | 10. Straw Hat | 11. Earrings | 12. Dress | 13. Swimsuit | 14. Beach Bag | 15. Bikini Top | 16. Bikini Bottom | […]

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