12 Wardrobe Staples For A More Streamlined Closet

It doesn’t seem to matter how many clothes we have, who hasn’t at one point looked into their closet and thought, “I have nothing to wear”?  No one.  So, the concept of a No Buy February or not making any unnecessary purchases for an entire month can seem almost impossible.

Unless you have a cheat sheet.

Well, here is your cheat sheet.  Consider it a Cliff’s Notes for wardrobe styling.  It’s a list of the 15 staples […]

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A Weekend In The English Countryside

One of the perks of being married to an Englishman is that we get to take lots of trips to England!  Prior to meeting Marc three years ago I had only been to the UK once.  Since meeting Marc three years ago we have made four trips across the pond.

As soon as Marc found out he would need to be in London for two weeks for work this month we knew we could turn part of […]

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Hello From London!

Last week I hopped across the pond to meet Marc for a week in England.  I love that we use the phrase “hop across the pond” when in reality it involved a long subway ride to JFK, a two and a half hour delay, a six and a half hour flight, 30 minutes in line at customs, then another hour on a train, followed by a 15-minute uphill walk to get to the hotel.

Fortunately, I pack […]

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Spring in New York City

Happy Monday, everyone!  Here we go with another week, but this one will be a little different for me.  We leave for our wedding in Mexico one week from today, so these next seven days will be crazy—in a good way (I hope!).

One thing we have already crossed off the to-do list is the marriage license.  We went down to the City Clerk’s Office last week and had that part taken care of, which means we […]

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Styling a Crop Top (When You’re Not Too Sure About Crop Tops)

It’s finally happening!  We’re supposed to get into the 80s this week in New York City for an extended period of time.  It would appear our long wintery nightmare may finally be over.  You know what that means…

Free the arms!  And the legs! And the bellies!

Okay, that last one has always been a non-starter for me.  I think crop tops look super cute on so many people, but the idea of bearing my stomach while not […]

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A Bag With a Story

There’s just something about a background story.  As a fashion-obsessed shopaholic I’m always on the lookout for items that speak to me aesthetically.  But if those items also have a great story behind them, then I’m totally sold.

Recently I discovered a handbag line that checks off both boxes, Larone Artisans.  This new brand has partnered on this post but the opinions are all mine.

Larone Artisans is the work of Jennifer Lo and Leticia Labre.  The […]

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