A Hint At What’s To Come

It has been nearly 18 months since I made a drastic career change, leaving the television business after 16 years to go off on my own.  It’s been a crazy, scary, and exciting year and a half, but one that lacked a real focus when I first began.

A few months ago, I started to take stock in what it was I was doing with my platform, and the different ways I was choosing to show up […]

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Love Lessons: Ghostbusters

This post is part of a series about my own personal dating experiences before I met and married Marc.  I may be a newlywed now, but just a few years ago I never thought I would be anything but single, and I hated it.  When I was struggling I didn’t feel like there was anyone who could truly understand.  I was single, I didn’t want to be single, but I also wanted to be happy […]

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After One Year Of Marriage, A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear 2014 Laura,

You don’t know me yet but I’m exactly where you wish you were right now. And I know not being here yet is freaking you out.

You have quite a year ahead of you. In six months, you turn 35 and that is going to mess with your mind more than any birthday has before. You will question everything about yourself and your character. And why? Because you will continue to be single. And […]

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My Therapy Story

Last year on World Mental Health Day I posted on Instagram an honest look into my experience with therapy and depression.  The responses were mostly positive with some even sharing their own personal stories as well.  But there were also a handful of well-meaning responses that were not so helpful.

I don’t think you need a therapist… I could pray for you. As far as I’m concerned you’re okay.  I’m just trying to boost your confidence.

Please don’t […]

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Own Your Timeline

We live in a world with great expectations, and I’m not just talking about the classic novel.  From a young age on we are constantly exposed to societal “norms” that make us think our lives should play out in a certain way.

The story history teaches us is that there is only one “normal” timeline.  And we all should follow it for a happy life.

A little girl is supposed to grow up and fall in love (as […]

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Plant Care 101 For The Vegetationally Challenged

Let’s get one thing out of the way immediately.  Plants and I are historically not friends.

When I was about 7 or 8 my mom said I could have my own little garden in our yard.  I was thrilled!  Pretty flowers that I got to pick all by myself and none of those ugly orange marigolds?  I was SO in.  I happily picked out the pinkest flowers I could find at the nursery and went home with […]

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