Mexico Diary

Last week Marc and I celebrated our one-year anniversary back where our marriage began, in Mexico on the shores of Playa Mujeres.  Our wedding was at Finest Playa Mujeres but for our anniversary we chose to stay just down the beach at the sister resort Beloved.  Beloved is a smaller boutique adults-only experience and it was our second time staying at this resort.

Clearly, we have a special place in our hearts for Playa Mujeres!

It was just […]

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What I’ve Been Wearing Lately

I used to think I had to wear certain colors and styles to fit in to my environment.  Not necessarily to blend in, but to fall in line with the norm.  When I was in TV that meant bright colors that stood out on camera.  But if I had two dresses that were a similar hue then I couldn’t wear them on back-to-back days because, well, because we just don’t do that!

The truth is there weren’t […]

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Keep It Simple, Gorgeous

As I was deciding what to title this post, the first thought that came to mind was that old saying, “keep it simple, stupid”.  Which then got me thinking, where in the hell did that phrase come from?  So, I googled it!  It truly is a special time to be alive, people.

The phrase, “keep it simple, stupid”, or KISS, was actually coined by the Navy back in 1960.  The premise?  According to Wikipedia, “the principle […]

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Why Does Fashion Matter?

I have to admit, telling people what I do for a living these days can feel a bit awkward.  I used to have it super easy.  I was a TV sports anchor and reporter.  Done, end of story.  And people usually thought it sounded pretty cool, so bonus!

But now, it’s not quite so straight forward.  I’m a content creator with a fashion and lifestyle blog.  Yet, I’m constantly evolving (like right now!) and trying to determine […]

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Three Tips For Transitioning Out Of No Buy February (That Will Save Your Budget)

We did it!!!  No Buy February is now bye-bye.  Phew!  I don’t know about the rest of you, but this last week was torture.  Especially with various sales starting that gave me a serious case of FOMO.

But we got through unscathed—for the most part.  If you broke down and bought a few things, don’t give yourself a hard time.  This whole challenge was really aimed at making us more mindful about the purchases we do […]

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No Buy February Update & Why I’m Doing This

The end of No Buy February is finally in sight!!  We’re down to just a matter of days and if you’ve stuck with me this long, way to go!  But this hasn’t been easy.  I already find myself making a mental list of all the things I want to buy on March 1st.

This past week I have spent more money than I had expected, but it just so happened that a bunch of my beauty […]

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