Love Lessons: The Grand Gesture

This post is part of a series about my own personal dating experiences before I met and married Marc.  I may be a newlywed now, but just a few years ago I never thought I would be anything but single, and I hated it.  When I was struggling I didn’t feel like there was anyone who could truly understand.  I was single, I didn’t want to be single, but I also wanted to be happy […]

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Styling The Basics

Shirt: Uniqlo (men’s, I’m wearing XS) | Skirt: Who What Wear Collection (old) similar here and here | Jacket: DSTLD | Boots: Stuart Weitzman | Scarf: Goodnight Macaroon (old) similar here | Sunglasses: Celine | Bag: Monrob Italy | Necklaces: Missoma, Missoma

This has been a month of consumer reflection here on First […]

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12 Wardrobe Staples For A More Streamlined Closet

It doesn’t seem to matter how many clothes we have, who hasn’t at one point looked into their closet and thought, “I have nothing to wear”?  No one.  So, the concept of a No Buy February or not making any unnecessary purchases for an entire month can seem almost impossible.

Unless you have a cheat sheet.

Well, here is your cheat sheet.  Consider it a Cliff’s Notes for wardrobe styling.  It’s a list of the 15 staples […]

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36 Hours In Dubai

Initially I didn’t envision my honeymoon including Dubai.  But it turns out that one of the most common ways to get to the Maldives from New York City is through Dubai.  And if we were going to be in that part of the world, well then, we might as well take a couple extra days to see as much of it as possible.

Thus, our 36-hour Dubai spectacular was born.

Obviously, the main event for our honeymoon was […]

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No Buy February Update

We’ve made it over a third of the way through No Buy February!  Who’s still with me?  I must admit, the first week was pretty easy.  I was feeling very motivated by my self-issued challenge, and overly confident in my newfound restraint.

But this weekend the reality started to set in.  I caught a glimpse of a new style of jeans from TopShop, walked past a super cute sweater in the window of & Other Stories, […]

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Maldives Diary: My Beach Looks

Often one of the biggest discrepancies between men’s and women’s closets tends to be the number of shoes they own.  But since Marc has actually purchased quite a few new pairs of footwear since we met, that isn’t the biggest indicator of our differing fashion priorities.

No, for us that would be swimwear.

As we packed for our seven-day trip to the Maldives I watched as he stuffed two (that’s 2) pairs of swim trunks in his suitcase.  […]

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