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Laura Behnke New York

Laura Behnke is the New York City-based creator and editor of First and Trend, an online destination for all things fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and travel, with even a little sports thrown in. With a journalism degree and television experience in major cities around the country, including New York, Boston, and San Francisco, Laura brings a unique perspective to the fashion blogosphere. She is a sports reporter and anchor by trade, but quickly realized the fashion and sports worlds often collide. That allowed her own personal style to develop, along with her passion for making fashion and trends accessible to everyone.

What began as a creative outlet through social media has evolved into First and Trend. And that name isn’t a coincidence. In football, a “first and ten” represents a fresh opportunity for an offense, with the end result entirely up to the players. That is fashion. It’s a personal opportunity to express yourself anew each day, and then see where it goes.

Originally from Minnesota, Laura currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband, and photographer, Marc, and their labradoodle, Oxford. After getting married in Mexico in May, 2018, she now spends all her free time looking at wedding photos and planning their 2019 honeymoon in the Maldives (with Marc’s help, of course!). Oxford has (kind of) forgiven them for not having him at the wedding, but still doesn’t know dogs aren’t typically allowed on honeymoons…