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The Affordable Little Black Dress

June 20th, 2018|0 Comments

There is a difference between affordable and cheap.  Sure, an item can be both, but one doesn’t necessarily go along with the other. There are two ways of looking at something that is cheap: the price and the quality.  And often if you are [...]

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Seeing Yellow in London

June 18th, 2018|

Happy Monday, everyone!  I’m kicking this week off with my favorite color of the season, yellow.  If you’ve followed along on First and Trend, this should come as no surprise thanks to The Happy [...]

The Little White Dress

June 15th, 2018|

Okay, full disclosure… This was supposed to be another England post.  I had planned to put together all of the outfits I wore during our week in London and Devon.  It was going to [...]

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  • Laura Behnke Gingham Pants White Sweater Devon England

A Weekend In The English Countryside

June 13th, 2018|

One of the perks of being married to an Englishman is that we get to take lots of trips to England!  Prior to meeting Marc three years ago I had only been to the [...]

Hello From London!

June 11th, 2018|

Last week I hopped across the pond to meet Marc for a week in England.  I love that we use the phrase “hop across the pond” when in reality it involved a long subway [...]

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It’s Gingham Season

June 8th, 2018|

And just like that we’re back to regular old non-wedding related blog posts.  I feel like Monica in the episode of Friends right after her wedding to Chandler, when she complained that she’d never [...]